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Our Commitment to equal opportunity and inclusivity

At the Offensive Defense, we are passionate about developing a safer cyberspace and are working incessantly to spot the talent and provide right opportunities to shine, especially for students and professionals from marginalised communities, facing financial challenges, those fighting gender biases, with a focus on India and other developing nations in Africa and Asia Pacific. We are committed to provide scholarships worth $2.5m in scholarships, along with our industry partnerships in the coming 2-3 years. Apply for scholarships as part of your course application.

300,000+ jobs vacant in Cybersecurity in India and Asia Pacific owing to skill gap
12% YoY growth in the jobs market for Cybersecurity skills
$366 Bn – Global market size – huge opportunity for security professionals
33% YoY growth Cloud security jobs in the last 2 years despite COVID infused market slowdown

Women in Cyber - Scholarship

Representation of women in cybersecurity is less than 20% worldwide
Encouraging women to start Cybersecurity career at any stage of life
Scholarship oriented Opportunity for women restarting career after a break due to self and family commitments
No tech background – Only appetite for learning and commitment are primary eligibilities

Financial Inclusivity - Scholarship

Huge opportunity for students in need of financial help for skilling in Cybersecurity
Scholarships (half or full tuition fee) based on the income background evaluation
Guidance for choosing the right course, guidance through the course and internship opportunities
Career counselling and Job opportunities through in-house placement initiatives and referrals

Financial Inclusivity - Scholarship

Boosting Diversity and inclusivity in Cybersecurity skilling opportunities
Scholarships (half or full tuition fee) based on protected status and income background evaluation
Special Scholarship program with job guarantee for military veterans or soon to be veterans
Career guidance and Job opportunities through our corporate partners under their respective diversity hiring schemes

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