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Know About Ethical Hacking & How Uber Is The Latest Victim To Hacking

Hacking that is ethical involves an authorized effort to gain unauthorised access to an application, computer system or information. Conducting an ethical hack involves duplicate methods and actions used by malicious attackers. This helps identify security weaknesses that can be fixed before malicious attackers have the chance to exploit them.

Hacking Experts Adhere To Four Main Protocols:

  • Keep It Legal
  • Define The Scope
  • Report Vulnerabilities
  • Respect Data Sensitivity

Hackers who are ethical, use their expertise to improve and secure the technology of businesses. They offer an essential service to these businesses by looking for weaknesses which could lead to an attack on security and informs about the vulnerabilities identified to the company. Then they conduct a test again to ensure that weaknesses are completely resolved.

All Ethical Hackers Must Have:

  • Experience of scripting language.
  • Expertise in operating systems.
  • Deep understanding of the world of networking.
  • An established foundation in the fundamentals of information security.

Hacking Techniques: 

It is important to understand the various hacking steps. Anyone who hacks would follow these steps to be successful in gaining access to a system.

  • Foot printing or Reconnaissance:
    In hacking, reconnaissance means collecting all information regarding the target you want to utilize in the subsequent stages of hacking. This is the base of your attack. The more information you have, the easier your assault will be. Reconnaissance can be either passive or active in its nature. Active reconnaissance involves the attacker scouting the internet and websites of the targeted organization or an individual directly. Passive reconnaissance is not directly scouting the target but to employ a variety of “social engineering” techniques to collect information.
  • Scanning:
    Once the attacker has basic details, they begin scanning the web and networks of the target thoroughly and collects details such as active hosts, operating systems, ports that are open and many more details that may be used in order to begin an attack.
  • Gaining Access:
    Now , the attacker has access to information such as IP addresses, the most important people of the company and OS running on the key servers, and active hosts. The attacker can now employ methods to distribute malicious program to gain access to the target’s network. It is usually done employing methods of social engineering, such as Phishing.
  • Maintaining Access:
    In this case, the attacker has access to the network and system. He would then make sure that he’s got permanent accessibility to these resources. The way to do this is by creating a backdoor that nobody else knows about. This backdoor would make sure that, even when the main gate is shut by the attacker security, there’s a back gate that he can use to ensure access to the compromised system. 
  • Covering Tracks:
    In the event that the criminal is inside the system and has access to all data, the next step is to hide and remain anonymous. This is usually accomplished by deleting logs and employing an VPN also known as the Virtual Private Network to access the targeted network and systems.

The 5 Best Programming Languages for Hacking in 2023:
Hacking is the technique through which a hacker utilizes a network in order to gain access to vital information. If hacking techniques are properly executed, you will be able to stop various cyber-attacks. 

The top 5 programming languages to learn how to hack are:

  • Python- Exploit Writing, Availability of Ready-Made Modules, Massive Community.
  • JavaScript- Web Hacking, Cross-Site Scripting, Node.js.
  • PHP- Web Hacking Techniques, Server-Side Scripting, Application in Web Domains.
  • SQL- Database Interaction, Hacking Databases, SQL Injection.
  • C Programming- Exploit Writing and Development, Access Hardware, Create Shellcodes.

Additional Programming Languages for Hacking: Ruby, Perl, HTML, Assembly.

The Most Recent Cybercrime That Took Place:

Uber: December 2022

Uber had announced, on the 12th of December 12, 2022, that hackers using an assumed name “Uber Leaks” gained access to more than 70,000 Uber employees’ data  and was also posting stolen corporate information. They believe that this breach was the result of the third-party vendor Teqtivity (a technology company that manages assets) who was able to get the management of their smartphones system compromised.

This incident was not connected to a data breach that they experienced in 2022, when they realized they were targeted in mid-September when the hacker posted on the company’s Slack group “I am a hacker and Uber has suffered a data breach” which was followed by numerous Emojis. The company was forced to close its internal messaging service as well as engineering systems to determine the cause of the issue.

Hackers also said that it could access various databases of the company including the data on messaging. Uber reached out to the law enforcement agency and learned that the hacker had hacked into the account of an employee. Uber was a victim of an attack on its network in the past but didn’t report it which resulted in a legal fight and a hefty amount of costs. After another major security breach took place in 2022, they might have to invest more to improve their security for cyber-attacks.

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