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CISO Intensive Training Program


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Intensive Training Program for CISOs, DPOs and Senior IT Leaders


Lectures- 30
Quizzes- 3
Duration- 24 hours, delivered over 4 days
Skill level- CISOs, senior IT leaders, IT Managers, security managers
Language- English
Students- 60 to 100
Assessments- 1
Mode of Delivery- Offline, residential intensive workshop

As our world is becoming more reliant on technology than ever before, with an explosion of technology trends, companies tend to focus more on optimising their business by adapting these technologies. However, this comes with an increased risk of companies and their critical assets to cyber attacks. Cyber threats and security breaches could cost your company millions in lost revenue and compromised data, could result in damaged reputation.

Cyber Security is becoming increasingly the focus of the boardroom and senior leaders and now has surpassed being just an IT function. Business leaders are not left with much choice but to be educated about the importance of Cyber Security including nuances of implementation of Security programmes in the enterprise to maximise the business through effective cyber risk management.

Course Description
This program aims to provide deep insights into the Cyber Security landscape and prepare leaders for evaluation and adaptation required for effective cyber strategy and risk management. In addition, this programme is designed to encourage the participants to develop their own insights through immersive learning.

Learning Outcomes
Overview of role & expectations of CISOs.
Role of senior leadership in ensuring Information Systems Security.
Data Protection Laws & Regulatory requirements of different industries.
Cyber strategy, Governance, Risk Management, policy and compliance
Deep insights into the Network architecture, Devsecops, data protection strategy, Security operations, proactive threat control, digital forensics etc.
Exposure to financial planning and business continuity planning.

Course Contents


  • Enterprise Framework
  • Role of Technology / InfoSec
  • Policies / Procedures /Implementation
  • End user awareness
  • Legal / Regulatory Requirements


  • What is Risk?
  • Types of Risks
  • How to address Risks?
  • KPI / KRIs


  • Enterprise Objective
  • Information Security Objective
  • Security Architecture
  • InfoSec Planning
  • InfoSec Team Structure


  • Logical Security
  • Physical Security
  • Network Securit
  • Endpoint Security
  • On Prem / Cloud Security
  • Third Party Controls
  • IoT Security


  • SOC Operations / Monitoring
  • Incident Management
  • Threat Detection
  • Exception Management
  • Forensics


  • Importance of a CISO
  • CISO deliverables
  • Compliance & Audits


  • Financial planning / Business cases / RoI / CBA
  • Infosec is business enabler
  • Security Metrics / Dashboard

Who should Attend?

Senior leaders and managers responsible for cybersecurity and risk management in their organisations such as CISO/IT Security Director/ Cybersecurity Director, Chief Risk Officer (CRO)/ Enterprise Risk Officer, Governance/ Compliance Director, Business Continuity Manager, IT Operations Director, Senior Data Assurance Managers etc.

CXOs, board members of companies as well as potential board members & entrepreneurs.

CISO Intensive Training Program

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