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The Offensive Defense® Automated VAPT Solution

(Automated effortless continuous VAPT with analytics provided as a SaaS)

With the The Offensive Defense® automated VAPT solution, organizations can stay shielded from security breaches by consistent and continuous analysis of evolving attack surface through proactive vulnerability scanning. The tool is as simple as use of an anti-virus, driven in the background by powerful AI based automation software, and helps organizations remain secured against even the very latest threats.

Designed for small and medium enterprises, to provide a cost effective solution with least human intervention, to ensure protection of critical systems at the same level as large organizations and Governments, at a fraction of cost.

Benefits of The Offensive Defense® Automated VAPT Solution are

This program aims to provide deep insights into the Cyber Security landscape and prepare leaders for evaluation and adaptation required for effective cyber strategy and risk management. In addition, this programme is designed to encourage the participants to develop their own insights through immersive learning.

Continuous Vulnerability Scanning

Attack Surface Monitoring

Comprehensive Security

Data Loss Detection

Reporting & Compliance

Visual Analytics

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