Team Blue

Learn the core skills required to become a Cyber security professional and prepare to be part of blue & purple teams. Be a star in Security Operations, forensics and much more.

Learn the core foundational skills required to start your career in Cyber security

Gain most in-demand skills in Security Operations, that will get you employed as a blue team professional.

Advanced Certification program in Cybersecurity. Learn cutting edge Cyber defense with exposure to ethical hacking over international Cyber simulators.

Team Red

Most comprehensive learning path to gain all the skills, tools and knowledge to become a professional red team operator, with the best in class Cyber simulators.

Learn the core foundational skills required to start your career in Cyber security.

Learn the necessary skills to kick start your career as a Penetration tester and a Red team operator. 

Advanced Certification program in Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing. Learn most advanced skills, tools & techniques and gain dual certification from Offensive Defense and HackTheBox.

Team Bug Bounty

The only place you need to be to learn and master all the requisite skills, tools & techniques to become a Bug Bounty Hunter.

Become a certified Bug bounty hunter, master all the skills and tools to test for security vulnerabilities on web applications with various real-life web applications. This is a dual certification program from Offensive Defense and HackTheBox.

University Programs

Work integrated MTech Program in Cyber Security in collaboration with MIT-ADT, Pune

This is a staging enviroment